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Chairman Message

EURO-BANGLA ORGANIZATION have successfully established on the very beginning of 2004. It has a motivated objective and a great vision by the earning of foreign currency by our valuable hands and also public & social interest of national welfare.

EURO-BANGLA CONSULTING it is an ideal and massive object not only for us but for the good shake of our nation’s great interest. Our planet is becoming small than smaller day by day. It was even inconceivable to gain proper knowledge or proper education from any recognized civilized country but on the era of information technology and by the gift of modern science we can think every impossible possible with no less than an eye-blink.

EURO-BANGLA AIR TRAVELS LTD. is a sister concern of our organization. It is liable to spread Bangladeshi Tourist spot wherever the tourist likes to get charm.

Mostafa Ahamad Shohrab
Euro-Bangla Consultant firm